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10 Styling Tips For Boys That Girls Will Love

Those who said that love does not see the form, color, and beauty, but only on whom the heart has to come. But wait, sir, now this philosophy is out of date. Today is the 21st century and in this generation, appearance, beauty, glamor all matters. That’s why looking good and being presentable is as …

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10 Types of Bralettes Designs You Might Not Know

10 Types of Bralettes Designs You Might Not Know Table of Contents INTRODUCTION Every woman or girl surely knows about bralettes, which are generally used to flaunt the midsection. It is not meant to wear as a bra and should not be hidden, instead, it helps to layout your personality in crop tops or shorts. …

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20 Types of Jeans You Need to Live Your Best Denim Life

Button Front Crop Skinny Jeans SKINNY JEANS Skinny jeans are known for their figure-hugging silhouette—the snug fit starts at the waist and extends all the way to the ankle. Most offer stretch so it’s easier to get your ankles into the smaller leg openings. They come in a variety of washes and rises depending on …

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