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9 Best Types of Tops For Every Kind of Girl: An Utmost Women Style Guide

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Girls’ top is one of the most demanding things in the market. Any girl can raise their style by choosing the right top type. Now it’s time to pick some of the favourites from below and shop them.

To become a style statement upper piece affects them, so choosing the right one is necessary to become stylish.


crop top

A crop top gives a girl to exhibit their perfect body and stay sexy. It helps you to look taller as it creates an illusion that you have long legs. Crop tops are easy to wear and comfortable at the same time. It suits well the high waist jeans.


bow top 1 bow top Put on your Style with Stylones.

These tops are cute, and they will make you look cute when you wear them. It gives you a unique and classy appearance. It is not only a casual or party wear top, but also you can wear them at an official meeting. Pair them with formal pants and high heels; surely, it will make you look like a model. This top suits well with jegggings and skirts.


tube top 2 tube top Put on your Style with Stylones.

The tube top is shoulderless or sleeveless, which covers around the upper body part. It is best to flaunt your shoulders. You can use a tube bra for this top. Also, it can be paired well with any of your favourite bottom pieces. Pear body shape girl must have this top.


tank top 2 3 tank top 2 Put on your Style with Stylones.

A Tank top is used to do workouts. This is a sleeveless top. It’s a fashionable top which suits well even with your Capri, skinny jeggings, etc. You can wear it after wearing a strapless bra. It is the best top for hourglass body shape, as it helps you to flaunt your shoulders and elbow-length sleeves.

5.) Ruffle top

Ruffle top is one stylish and super fancy top for girls. Which means you must have one. This top does not come in only one basic style but will amaze you with its variety. Their designs and colour pattern are super modern, which are not only trendy but also classy. These tops can be wear in summer with rugged jeans, midi skirts, pants, etc. This top suits well on apple body shape girls.


These tops are a bit similar to off-shoulder tops but cover your shoulders and show you elbow length. It is the most favorite top among college goings girls.The basic idea behind this top is to create less volume around your upper body. It can be worn anywhere as it makes you look elegant and stylish. It can be paired well with sleek pants and heels or flats. It is best for triangle and pear body shape.


Always remember old is gold, yes this top is a bit old trend but still it is a trendy one. It is a party or casual wear top. It comes in various varieties, and your option from this will create your style. It is the best option for hourglass figures. You can pair it with narrowly tailored pants or pencil skirts.

8.) Crochet Tops

This is one of the trendy old-time tops. Its fabric is might look old but still one of perfect wear for casual like beach purpose. Suit them well with your skirt or bootcut jeans.

9.) Mesh Tops

One of the trendy and fashion creator mesh top is here. Mostly it is worn by influencers and models, but it is very fashionable and modish. Sometimes it has a floral design or embroidery all over it. It can be paired with shorts, jeans, or jeggings. It is best for hourglass body shape.


Tops are the most important and trendy piece for every girl. The first one is the crop top. You can use it to create an illusion to look taller. Then the bow top is fashionable and classy as well. Come in variety. Here the tube top comes, which helps you to flaunt your elbow length. Tank top is used for workouts, and it is best for hourglass shape body. The ruffle top is a perfect super cute and classy one, especially for an apple body shape. Cold shoulder top is one of favorite top for college-going girls. Best for pear and triangle shape. The peplum top is an old trendy top but till now in fashion industry, it is very popular, you can pair it with narrow pants and with heels or flats crochet top fabric is very old style but still, it is the best option for casual or beachwear. The mesh top is a stylish yet amazing top that you must have. All these are must-have on type! So what are you waiting for shop them!


crop top and tube top with a denim jacket. You can pair it with your high waist jeans.

you can wear your jeggings, high waist jeans, and skirt as well.

If you match your off-shoulder top with bootcut jeans, then definitely go with either high ankle boots or high heels.